Just like billions of people co-existing on the planet, I have a lot on my mind but not as many places to let it out. Of course, I don’t want to force my thoughts or ideas on my friends. After all, not everyone shares exactly similar interests.

Professionally, I am a researcher in the field of Biotechnology. I am recently done with the degree and expanding my horizons from being a student/scholar to a working/paid professional. Needless to say, the job-hunt in the times of the Covid pandemic is nothing adequate. To keep a positive outlook, I indulge in many things, well outside of my usual preferences. After all, a lot can be explored in 18 months. And yes, that’s exactly how long I’ve been stuck in the quarantine.

I plan on posting my opinions on the different artwork that I come across because, man-oh-man, I have got to talk about it — not with the people who easily get bored listening to it, but with the ones who share similar thoughts and interests.

A biotech professional with random hobbies